What Do I Need To Play Paintball?

Nothing but a desire to have an amazing experience is required to play the game of paintball for the first time! Professional paintball parks and game fields around the world cater to new players every single day, and offer all the necessary equipment for rent, from camouflage overalls and gloves to paintball approved facemasks and goggles to paintball guns. Once players become hooked on the game, paintball pro-shops worldwide cater to players on every budget, offering performance clothing, equipment and paintball guns to suit any player’s wants and needs!


Things to take on your first day of Paintball:

  • Closed Toe Shoes (Hi-Tops or Hiking Boots are best)
  • Long Pants/Trousers
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Sweatshirt/Hoddie for layering yourself
  • Gloves (Any type of soft, flexible glove you have)
  • Hat/Beanie